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Making the important visible

I’m thinking about this today, prompted by the latest post on Seth’s Blog:

“If it’s important, make it visible. If it happens over time, create a signal that brings the future into the present. Creat(e) vivid measurements of essential variables (…)”

~ Seth Godin, The Pinocchio Protocol

How do we, or can we, make relationships visible?
What are the indicators that demonstrate that relationships are happening?

Conversely, what are the signs that relationships aren’t happening, or happening badly? What’s the equivalent to the smoke from leaf blowers being black (in Seth’s post)?

(I’m focusing on relationships because they are the operating principle in complexity and the foundation for collaboration, co-production and change.)

This is the start of some thinking. I’ll add more when I’ve got more.

White smoke on a black background. (Photo by Pascal Meier on

Photo by Pascal Meier on Unsplash