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What this is (start here)

This is the little space on the Web where I’m keeping my writing and things.

I’ve become increasingly interested in the #IndieWeb and self-hosting of content (for a bunch of reasons I’ll put into a blog post one day possibly), so for safekeeping I have moved my old writing that was on Medium, over to here – it’s filed under “Archive (old posts)”.

From this point on, I’ll be using this as a space for thinking out loud, sharing reflections and learning, and talking about what I’m working on. If that’s of interest, welcome aboard! In the sidebar on the right of this post, you will find the topics that I think and write most about, so you can dip in wherever you like.

How to keep abreast of new stuff?

  • You can add to your RSS reader. RSS (Really Simple Syndication) readers or apps aggregate the content from loads of different places that you choose to follow into one central app, it’s neat. They were all the rage in the early 00s and they’re making a comeback! If you want to get started with RSS, you could check out Inoreader or Feedly or TheOldReader.
  • If you want a notification in your inbox that there’s a New Thing, you can subscribe to this minuscule newsetter: which basically says “hi, there’s a new thing on the blog”, when there’s a new thing on the blog. (No more than weekly.)

Stay tuned. 🙂